At Last! We have 20 Years Worth of Inspection Reports!  FOIL REQUESTS.

At Last! We have 20 Years Worth of Inspection Reports!  FOIL REQUESTS.

The Legal Department of the NYPA has sent me 68 reports covering the past twenty years of inspections carried out between Pittsford and Fairport.

That might sound like a lot of reports, but it represents 3.4 inspections a year, and spread over more than a dozen problem areas. So, you can safely say, no one is checking!

I was excited initially to start reading them,, but soon realised that most of the information had been blanked out. It looked like the ratings on the condition of each area was  of concern and not for public viewing.

Here is what the NYPA said ….”Please note that some of the records have been redacted on a ground that they constitute intra or inter agency materials and are exempt from disclosure……..Additionally, certain information regarding inspections on spillways, culverts and embankments have been redacted on the ground that the information requested is considered Critical Infrastructure Information (CII) as defined in Section 86[5] of the New York State Public Officer’s Law (“POL”). As such, it is not subject to disclosure pursuant to POL §87(2)(f) as release of the requested records could endanger the life or safety of any persons.

Many of the reports had so much information blanked out, they were useless, others had ratings and text blanked out, but had photographs of the spillways, embankments and culverts. There were no specific mentions of embankments, which is the prime cause for concern here. Maybe they were in the redacted reports? We can't see the information.

I made a slideshow of the photographs here.  They come from all periods of time over the 20 years, and from what I have observed, much of the damage in the reports has never been resolved.



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