Reimagine the Canal Pocket Neighborhood Rendition
Beautiful Fairport Village
Vintage Barge along the Canalway
Scenic Erie Canal in Central NY - Circa 1840s
Erie Canal Sesquicentennial Postage Stamp Release
The ECNA Sponsored Oxbow Park & Trail in Fairport
OXBOW LAKE in Fairport, NY - A Hundred Years of Change
Packet Boat Entering Locks
Gliding along the Original Erie Canal

A website dedicated to the many neighbors living along the Erie Canal in New York State... some above the waterline, others below it.

The Erie Canal Neighbors Association, or ECNA, is dedicated to bringing a different perspective of life in New York State, one from the canal "neighbor's" point of view. Take a look around, we have a full menu of choices from an interactive ECNA Forum to pages dedicated to the Canals Embankment Program to the new Reimagine the Canals transformation of the NYS Canal System.


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Hopefully you will find something interesting here, or at least learn a little more about the Erie Canal, from the canal neighbor's viewpoint, much different than from the view of the Empire Trail Users

Speaking of views along the Erie Canal, here's a few.


Here's a view of the Hudson at the Waterford Welcome Center

Click the image to open the webcam


Here's a view of the first Lock on the Erie Canal

Click the image to open the webcam


Speaking of beautiful Canal Views... here's one from Fairport.

Fairport Village Webcam


Another famous canal town with a live cam


A webcam view from a major Canal System in the United States



Here's a great video about the Erie Canal and it's life of some 200 years now, worth a look at how it made New York State what it is today.



The Erie Canal Neighbors Association also runs a DISCUSSION FORUM for NY Canal Neighbors & Enthusiast.


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Finally, for your listening enjoyment, here is Fifteen Miles on the Erie Canal sung by Bruce Springsteen