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Why is the Erie Canal closed for the winter?

Actually the NYS Canal System never fully closes.

While many sections may be drained, dewatering is the official term, large portions of the canal remain full or near full. The canal is really open 24/7, 365 days per year. about half the time it's open for navigation, the other half is closed for repairs. Many have...

Erie Canal Maintenance & Repairs

It's important to know that there have been many leaks and subsequently large repairs made to The Erie Canal over the years. The Canal Corporation has had a continual battle with keeping the water where it is supposed to be, as you will see from these links to  news articles and and broadcasts. Leaks are found...

100% Renewable source electricity law for New York.

Spotted today on

The referenced Article 75—the Climate Change article of ECL that was added by the same enactment—includes Section 75-0107, “Statewide greenhouse gas limits.” It calls for these emissions in 2030 to be 60% of 1990 levels, and in 2050, 15% of 1990 levels. The law’s preamble has an aspirational goal of a...

Erie Canalway Neighbors Association Adopts Historic Oxbow Trail

Erie Canalway Neighbors Association Adopts Historic Oxbow Trail

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