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  • Cycle the Erie Canal 2020 Registration is Open
    This Bicycle Tour is just one example of how the NY Canal System is stating to thrive again Part of NY Parks & Trails...the annual Cycle the Erie Canal 8 day bicycle tour is off and running for 2020. Sign-up is open at the NY P&T website. NEW YORK PARKS…
  • Power from The Canal? Is this a way to increase NYPA Profitability?
    There‚Äôs a theory that the new owners of the canal system are interested in harnessing the run off and flow of water through the system to generate power. Here are a few links to this great environmentally friendly concept. Is the canal corporation about to get a new home? Erie…
  • Canal Operation & Maintenance Manuals – US Dept. of the Interior
    By far the best set of documents that explains the issues AND remedies for the aging NYS Canal System. It is distributed by the US Department of the Interior - Bureau of Reclamation. Click any of the pictures below to open the manual Canal_Embankments Canal Vegetation Canal_Animals
  • Reimagine a Better NY State Canal
      Take a look at this idea... getting people down to the water's edge of the NYS Canal There's some exciting things floating your way on the new Erie Canal and we hope to keep you abreast of it all. RE-IMAGINE the CANAL is a bold project envisioned by the…