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This is what an Earthen Embankment Dam is supposed to look like


This could be a picture of any larger town along the Erie Canal, there are dams on both sides of the canal here. Look at the embankments, the water level and the houses below that would be swept away if this dam breached. But this is a picture of a safe dam, one with grass covering and the required vegetation free zone.

This is what it takes to clear off an Earthen Dam

It's important to know that there have been many leaks and subsequently large repairs made to The Erie Canal over the years. The Canal Corporation has had a continual battle with keeping the water where it is supposed to be, as you will see from these links to  news articles and and broadcasts.

Leaks are found on a daily basis, and tagged then monitored carefully.  It's the ongoing nature of earthen embankment dams.

Repairs completed on aqueduct along Erie Canal in DeWitt

Officials look for ways to plug 12-foot breach in Old Erie Canal in DeWitt

Annual drainage allows maintenance of the Erie Canal

Nov 27 1014

Aqueduct Liner Installation 2013

New leak scuttles plan to reopen Erie Canal   

Culvert leak prompts canal closure

June 17 2016

Repairs will cause part of Erie Canal to close

Jun 2016

Portion of Erie Canal Closed to Repair a Leak

June 28 2016

Canal Break


Here's an interesting video of a dam collapse 

(In the UK)

Video showing the complete cycle of the repairs of a breached dam.

(In the UK)


To be continued!