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The following procedure is on hold, due to the COVID-19 epidemic.


So, please add your name to Our Change.Org petition. We'll contact you when this nightmare is over to get a signature to comply with the 'rules'.



Attention Fairport Village taxpayers!!!

Village Tax relief is in YOUR hands! It's time to act, it's time to take back control of local government and ask for a Village Reorganization Plan

If you haven't read our main page on the GRACE Law, please take the time to do that now. It's important that you get the facts, and the numbers involved here to truly understand how important it is to all NEW York residents to support Government Reorganization.


New York State Government Reorganization  And Citizen Empowerment Act of 2010.


We have added a Frequently Asked Question Page providing answers to the most common questions. You can review the FAQ Page HERE

We have also added a BLOG PAGE HERE

Once the required amount of village voter signatures are collected (10% of voters), these forms and the cover letter that contains them, will be delivered to the Fairport Village Clerk.

After that the Village will review all signatures and set a Referendum Vote Date.

Review the Signature Sheet & Cover Page here -


GRACE Cover Page FAIRPORT        


GRACE Signature Sheet FAIRPORT


Signing this Referendum Vote petition allows us, a chance to FINALLY see what "no village taxes" would really mean to the village & the Town of Perinton.

Voting yes on the Referendum is a vote to insure that the GRACE Law is initiated in our village and we will see what our own Government Reorganization Plan looks like and how we all might benefit from changing local government processes.

Signing this Village Referendum insures the truth will be uncovered and shared with all village residents.

Two things will be eliminated for certain, according to the GRACE changes, if a Village Reorganization Plan includes a Consolidation or  Dissolution:

  1. Current Village Property Tax will end for all village residents after dissolution.
  2. Village Government & Village Elected Officials will cease within the State Govt. structure after dissolution.



Want to see how much you can save on Village Taxes?


Check our Street by Street analysis of Taxes in Fairport Village


Your referendum SIGNATURE & VOTE matters, if you haven't seen anyone in your neighborhood and would like to sign the Fairport Village Referendum, use our CONTACT FORM  and we will setup a time to visit you personally to review the information and ask for your signature.

ON HOLD -- please add your name to Our CHANGE.ORG petition.

Include all information on the CONTACT FORM and an email or phone.

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Make sure you share your address in Fairport and that you are a registered voter within the Village limits.


If you are a Nextdoor User we have opened up the Fairport Village Tax discussion there as well.  Click the IMAGE below to join our group.