Old Canal Postcards


Here's a couple live cam views of the Erie Canal at Waterford NY, click on an image to view.

Erie Canal Lock                                             Hudson River East






These are various collections of old postcards images, with a little description of when & where the image was taken

  • Old Postcards from Fairport NY
    Here's a few pictures & postcards from Fairport New York along the Erie Canal      
  • Old Postcards from Medina New York
    A nice collection of postcards from Medina, NY      
  • Old Postcards from Palmyra New York
    Here's some nice old postcards from Palmyra, NY Can't help but notice that the Canal's Embankments are CLEAR of trees
  • Old Postcards from Holley New York
    Here's a few postcards and pictures from Holley, NY. Home of an Erie Canal Waterfall There used to be a side canal that went into Holley, it had a couple locks to lower the barges & boats dues to the height difference. This postcard is Circa 1910, just as the…
  • Old Postcards from Brockport New York
    Brockport Circa 1912-16 View is looking west into the Village. Phone poles on right are along the Towpath   Early 1900s - Before the change to the Barge Canal was completed.   Circa 1919 image of the Smith St Flood Gate... notice how well kept up it is.   Circa…