The best reasons for the NYS Government Reduction Act

There are 534 reasons why the NYS Government Reduction Act should matter to every taxpayer in NY State.

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Note: Since the last census, 10 years ago, there have been 21 New York State Villages...

Village Dissolution Bumps & Bruises

Here's a nice website as well... it outlines the importance of preparing a proper petition for a public vote and why using what has worked in the past is a good place to start.

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Western Section Erie Canal Town & Village Operating Costs Breakdown

You have asked... and here's the answers.

Questions about where the Erie Canal Neighbors Association found its Town & Village data and how we made the graphs have been coming in for a few days now.

Many canal residents want to know if what they are seeing is accurate...the answer is yes, this is what the data...

Four Generations of Erie Canal Fisherman

Because this fisherman moved to the Rochester Area 70 years ago, three more generations of Canal Fisherman have tried their luck catching canal whoppers.

  The boy in the yellow shirt, standing by his grandfather fishing canal ponds in Hulberton is now fishing the canal in Brockport with his...