Reimagine the Canals Fishing Program Explained – Capital Pressroom Soundcast

Reimagine the Canals initiatives are becoming the Hallmark of NYS Canals under NYPA Leadership.

This is a broadcast, dated February 1, 2022, from the Capital Pressroom Soundcloud, where Nick Melson of the NYS Canal Corporation explains the very popular Reimagine the Canals Fall Fishing Program. It's a great listen, and you can also find several other links below.



You can see from the NYS Canal Corporation Fall Fishing website that this unique NYPA program to extend the fishing season in western NY, has resulted in many opportunities for anglers from around the country to see what Upstate NY fishing is all about...with a little help from the Erie Canal.

The map below shows the Erie Canal sections that will remain filled long into December to help fill the creeks & rivers that are part of the Reimagine Canal Fishing idea.


And by the size of the fish being caught, and the smiles of those who are catching trophy sized fish just a few miles away from the Erie Canal, it seems like this Reimagine the Canal Initiative is a big hit, that will remain in place for years to come.


You can scan the QR Code for more information



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