NYS Prepare Website presents Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Course

A new Emergency Preparedness Course offered online by New York State, Homeland Security.


It's found on a website devoted to creating a "corps" of NYS Citizens, who are better prepared in the event of an emergency, and can help their own family and others if a natural, or unnatural catastrophe occurs.


The website is NYS PREPARE, and this recent News Press release highlighted the ONLINE COURSE . You can read about the Online Training Course below and click the picture to see the announcement


There's quite a bit covered in the Course, the ECNA decided to take it to see how much was centered on Flood Preparation for Canal Neighbors. With the exception of a few pictures there wasn't anything directed at floods, the entire course was more general in nature. But we will note that there was about 10% of the video that did center on an "active shooter" type scenarios



If you signup using the NYS Gov website you will actually get registered for taking this course, and it helps the Department of Homeland Security in understanding what areas of the state are better prepared for disasters than others. 

Finishing the 26 minute course, while signed-in THROUGH the NYS.Gov website, will give the participant a nice Certificate for the Citizen's Preparedness Corps



One nice link was to a CHECKLIST to create your own Emergency Survival Kit, something to have ready and grab as you exit your home in the event of an emergency. You can click the Tool Box below to see that printable list.





Here's the video on YouTube, if you do not want to sign-in to watch through the NYS website.




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