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Embankment Dam Piping & Seepage – Viewpoint of an Expert

[highlight] Earthen Dams all Leak... that is a well established fact.[/highlight]   The number one issue with earthen dams has always been keeping water inside them. Because of the materials used in earthen embankment design & construction, mainly natural earthen materials of various types, these type embankment dams become prone to over-saturation at some point... and then they...

Are Erie Canal Embankments actually Higher Risk Earthen Dams?

Some would say the short answer is YES!

The Phreatic Line is one of the favorite topics here at the ECNA, just ask Mike Caswell If you look at the Perinton Safety Video, created by the Canal Corporation, they mention the issues with seepage and breaches. Most of this has to do with one part of a...

NYPA Canal Ownership: The Pro’s & Cons

The NYPA and the Canal pro's and cons.

I’ve made this amateur video to help explain the pro’s and cons of the projects the NYPA has undertaken to make the canal safer.