NYS Canal Corporation Rebrands it’s Canal Embankment Integrity Program

This is just in from the NYS Canal Corporation, a brand new web domain, dedicated to NYS Canal Integrity.

Now this may look the same to some but the website for the Earthen Embankment Integrity Program, or EEIP, has been rebranded. You can click the link below to see.


And the biggest change to the Canal Embankment Program is that the Canal Corporation is now working on educating the public MUCH better than in the past.

Their website starts with a STATEMENT about being Stewards of Canal Integrity.



And they have also fashioned an impressive Mission & Vision Statement


There are pages dedicated to the Embankment Integrity Program, as well as webpages that show Pictures and Videos to help understand what is changing along New York State's "National Treasure"... the Erie Canal.


There is even a Frequently Asked Questions page, that has many great links to Earthen Dam Manuals & Guidelines, including:

FEMA's Dam Owners Manual - Impact of Plants on Earthen Dams

NYS DEC Guidelines - Inspection & Maintenance of Dams in NYS

US Army Corp of Engineers Guidelines for Vegetation on Dams


There are two videos that are worth viewing, the first explains how to spot an Earthen Embankment Dam, and tell the difference between one that is safe, and one that is not.


There is also a video of a recent Embankment Failure in Royalton NY, where a sinkhole has formed next to the Empire Towpath Trail and drains out through dead tree roots at the bottom of the fifty foot tall water impoundment that failed.



You can read more about this Embankment Failure on our ECNA Discussion Forum.

Notice to Empire Trail Users - Royalton Detour









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