Cycle the Erie Canal 2020 Registration is Open

This Bicycle Tour is just one example of how the NY Canal System is stating to thrive again

Part of NY Parks & Trails...the annual Cycle the Erie Canal 8 day bicycle tour is off and running for 2020. Sign-up is open at the NY P&T website.


Click the picture below to go to the Signup Page

When I say it's news... it makes the Niagara County news... where the bicycle tour starts. Click the picture below to read the news article.

And people are starting to cater businesses to this annual event. Here's a website for Classic Adventures that offers a bicycle - boat excursion tailing on the Cycle the Canal event, more of a personal experience. Go to the website and check out the Prices, Itinerary and see how the Canal is still allowing people to make honest wages.

Click the image to go to the Website

Get out and bicycle the NY Empire Trail along the beautiful Erie Canal, you wont regret a minute of the ride.


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