Reimagine the Canals – Brockport Pedestrian Bridge Architects Selected

An update on the Brockport Loop, a pedestrian skyway that will be built, to link Brockport College and the New York State Empire Trail


The selection has been made for the Architectural firm that will be handling the bridge design by the New York Power Authority, owners of the NY State Canal Corporation and it's assets now, and their Board of Trustees that is overseeing the Reimagine efforts as well as approving funding.

You can read about the Governor's Announcement Here.

Here's the latest rendering of the Brockport Loop, which is built around a standard Erie Canal Guard Gate, which is normally used to shutoff water in the event of an embankment breach of canal leak.



The Lockport Sun Journal newspaper did a nice piece on this announcement & pedestrian bridge, and a local publication in the Brockport area called the Westside News, did a very nice article well worth the read.


This is all part of the Reimagine Initiative being driven by the NEW OWNERSHIP of the Erie Canal, the New York Power Authority. You can take a look at their website here


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