NYS Canal Revitalization Act: Rebuilding the Erie Canal Better, but skeptics emerge

New York State is trying to rebuild the Erie Canal...it is in serious trouble both structurally and financially.

The Governor of NY has offered up a new NYS Canal Revitalization Act, a Bill to be voted on to help the owners of the Canal, New York Power Authority (NYPA), fend off the financial hardship that comes with owning a 200 year old canalway system.

Press releases were issued by both New York Power Authority and the New York State Canal Corporation this past week, that summarizes the new Canal Revitalization Plan that has been added to the NYS Budget as an Amendment. Those summaries can be found by using each link.


You can read the Full AMENDMENT here


The local press has also started to discuss this new Revitalization Plan, some in New York and outside of the state are behind this change, while others are voicing opposition to it.

Here's a story from Albany Times Union on this plan and how it is centered on how the proposal would aid Fund Raising capabilities for the Erie Canal System

And another story from the the BUFFALO NEWS that shares some concerns of boaters. Unsure why boaters would oppose this amendment, as this proposal is about FUNDING the Erie Canal to keep it OPEN, but somehow "unfounded facts" and "unsupported opinions" have taken hold and some see this as a sign the Erie Canal will close.

Some of that resistance comes from a Virginia-based outfit named Boat US, who represents power boaters exclusively, and have little desire to see human powered watercraft like kayak & canoe, get a foothold in the Canal System, nor do they support the new Reimagine the Canals effort.

Just another group that appears critical of the new Ownership and spreads their opinions online BEFORE fully understanding all of the safety issues and financial challenges that the New York Power Authority & the New York Canal Corporation are facing. 

An well-informed public is a smarter public, and a public that can better make decisions that help ALL of those who use and enjoy the Canal, not just a select, special interest audience.

That includes Erie Canal Neighbors who live below many miles of unsafe Erie Canal impounded water held back by unsafe, aging embankments.

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