Reimagine The Canals Community Input Report

It wasn't too long ago that the New York State Canal Corporation and parent, New York Power Authority (NYSCC & NYPA) 

brought together hundreds of Canal Enthusiast from across the state and asked them to sit together to consider what the 21st Century Erie Canal should look like.

Around the state the NYSCC setup gathering sites promoting "ideation sessions" to consider the major factors needed to make the Erie Canal and the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor (ECNHC) it resides within. They wanted feedback from their customers, their neighbors, and community leaders along the Erie Canal system. The sessions were led by the Rockefeller Institute and centered on the theme of a Reimagined Erie Canal.

In addition to the 5 group sessions, NYPA and the NYSCC also gathered information through a community wide survey that asked many of the same questions as those in the larger meetings. The main goal was to understand what was working, and what was not, and try to use those lists to create a better overall Erie Canal experience for all, local and visitors

Questions were similar to these:

What do you think is needed most on the Erie Canal?

What do you like the most about the Erie Canal?

What isn't working to day on the Canal that needs to be fixed?


It's a little late in coming, sorry for the delay, but the Reimagine the Canals Community Engagement Report is complete and can be viewed by tapping the image below or using the provided Report Link



It's a very good read, and all part of the Reimagine the Canals Task Force work that is trying to offer ideas on how best to "update & improve" this 200 year old legacy of early travel in our country. Here's just a bit of the Report, highlights from the first few major sections of the report.



The Reimagine Task Force is working hand in hand with the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor Commission to turn these ideas into reality using funding from Grants & Trusts to make the Erie Canalway Preservation & Management Plan come to life.

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