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This is the place to go for Erie Canal Information

By far the best place for Canal Information

The ECNA has to mention a website that seems to be one of the best collections of Erie Canal material that we have found. It has it all from pictures to engineering plans. And they also prepared a nice piece for the 175th Anniversary that was built by...

Are Erie Canal Embankments actually Higher Risk Earthen Dams?

Some would say the short answer is YES!

The Phreatic Line is one of the favorite topics here at the ECNA, just ask Mike Caswell If you look at the Perinton Safety Video, created by the Canal Corporation, they mention the issues with seepage and breaches. Most of this has to do with one part of a...

Testimony in question – Vegetation on Dams.

Testimony in question – Vegetation on Dams.

In the recent court case when an injunction was filed against the New York Power Authority to stop vegetation removal from the canal Earthen Embankment Dams between Brighton, Pittsford...