Earthen Dam Inspection – At the Root of Embankment Safety

Dam Inspection is the key to SAFE Erie Canal Earthen Embankments...

Currently many of the 125 miles of raised embankments are covered with the wrong vegetation making them nearly impossible to properly inspect.

There are many groups that work to make Dam Safety a number one priority in our country like the ASDSO

Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO)

The video below explains the fundamentals of dam inspection It is a lengthy video, but packed full of very informative material which will give the viewer a much better understanding of the problems The Canal Authority has to deal with. It specifically deals with vegetation and animal burrowing, which should address most people’s concerns.


Here is another good explanation of how to manage Dams and other Water impounding structures... from USDA & FEMA

Assessing Dams and Impoundments: A Beginner's Guide


It's all about knowing what to look for... like Animal Burrows

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