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Village Dissolution – Obtaining a Village Voter List for Signatures

One of the main questions on the topic of Citizen-Initiated Village Reorganizations is about collecting village voter signatures. From who can sign a Reorganization Referendum petition, to how & where a list of voters is obtained.

This is a critical step in the Village Reorganization Process that needs to be well understood BEFORE village voters start...

Town vs Village Government – The Reason Behind the GRACE Laws

This is an interesting look at the problem of redundant local government in New York State, from the DIRECT cost to taxpayers...Village & Town salaries


You see in the end it's about how efficient a government can be, and in NY, the State can mandate that efficiency down to the Town level....

ECNA posts current Village Reorganization Efforts across the State

We've created a new page on our website, for all of our New York Village Neighbors, who would like to use it as a landing spot for their local Village Reorganization work.


As local villages throughout the state start considering following the advice of their lawmakers, a focal point for activity on Government Reorganization &...

Dr. Lisa Parshall on Village Dissolution & Why Villages Miss the Point

One of the best papers on NY Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act was produced by the Rockefeller Institute on Government by Dr. Lisa Parshall.

This look into the GRACE Laws, and in particular the Village Dissolution, shows how difficult the decision can become when Village Residents & Leaders forget the purpose of the legislation,...