Village Dissolution – Obtaining a Village Voter List for Signatures

One of the main questions on the topic of Citizen-Initiated Village Reorganizations is about collecting village voter signatures. From who can sign a Reorganization Referendum petition, to how & where a list of voters is obtained.

This is a critical step in the Village Reorganization Process that needs to be well understood BEFORE village voters start collecting signatures to put Village Reorganization up for vote by their Village. Failing to properly collect & submit signatures to the Village Government (Village Clerk) can result in all signatures being disqualified and the Referendum will fail the first steps...


First, the Village Voter List. This electorate list can be obtained from the Board of Elections in the County that the Village is part of.  For Monroe County, it's downtown Rochester on 39 W. Main St. Floor 1; Room 106. It's a fairly easy process, simply explain that you need the voter list for your Village to get signatures needed for a Referendum on Village Dissolution per the NY Government Reorganization Act


You will need a signed release form to get what is termed a Village Voter Walking List from the Board of Elections. I have included a generic copy of a form that can be used. The person obtaining the list has to be a registered voter for that Village and will be responsible for keeping the list confidential and used solely for the purpose of Village Reorganization.



Once you obtain the voter list, from your county Board of Elections, you can use it to setup walking routes for signature collection by people assigned to canvass their fellow Village Residents for signatures to Reorganize the Village. 


Only Village Residents who can legally vote are eligible to sign your Village Referendum



Here is a list of general guidelines supplied by the Monroe County Board of Elections


Each signature page should be filled out completely, Voter name & address information and their signature must be written by the village resident on the form. Each Petition Signature Page will be numbered on completion and show the number of signatures collected.


Any mistakes, additions or subtractions, need to be initialed by both village voter and the person collecting signatures (if needed) at the time of the change. Failure to do so may void that signature, or possibly the entire signature sheet.


Once a Referendum Signature sheet has been completed, the person who collected and witnessed the signatures, will need to sign the completed signature sheet, in the space provided at the bottom, attesting to the authenticity of the signatures.



Signature collectors MUST be a registered voter in the State of New York



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