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The ECNA Supports NYS Government Reorganization, Why Don’t You?

An Opinion Piece... one that should make you think.


High New York State taxes, aren’t a myth. It’s not “fake news” or some hoax invented by someone looking for personal gain. The fact that New York State is the “highest taxed state to live in", for the entire country, should be a concern to each and...

LISTEN! Dr. Parshall explain how CITIZENS can control Village Tax Relief

This is a great podcast to listen to titled Power to The People by Dr. Lisa Parshall, one of the leading authorities on the New York Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act


You can click the IMAGE to go to the Podcast website and listen as Dr. Parshall explains the purpose of the GRACE Laws, and...

Fairport Village Tax Information – Street Level

By invoking the Elector-Initiated Village Reorganization effort, per NYS GRACE Act guidelines, huge tax savings are now within taxpayers reach.

The elimination of VILLAGE TAXES is highlighted in the red column.

 Property taxes are analyzed  by individual residencies street by street.

Tax paid in 2004 and in 2019 are compared and the percentage increase over 15 years...