Town vs Village Government – The Reason Behind the GRACE Laws

This is an interesting look at the problem of redundant local government in New York State, from the DIRECT cost to taxpayers...Village & Town salaries


You see in the end it's about how efficient a government can be, and in NY, the State can mandate that efficiency down to the Town level. State - County - Town are the officially" approved local governments according to the NY GRACE Act, which stands for Government Reorganization And Citizen Empowerment Act.

Here's how a Town and Village compare that are located west of Rochester. Pay attention to whether the Town or Village is above or below the USA average for average or mean salary, and note just how many people work in a Village.. the State minimum is 7.





Now you might think I've tried to pull an example that supports my statement. So I'll show another one.

Here's a comparison of a Town & Village from the EAST side of Rochester, it's pretty much the same... shows how the Town had figured out how to run efficiently, while the Village goes along it's merry way at the expense of Village Taxpayers that foot the bill for "expensive & inefficient" Villager Leadership



Well , have you seen enough? Would you like to see more?





If you are TIRED of living in a Village along the Erie Canal, or ANYWHERE in New York State, and paying EXTRA taxes for what appears to be ineffective, inefficient, and unnecessary, redundant local Village Government it's time to act, time to let your voice be heard... go to our website and join the fight.




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