Dr. Lisa Parshall on Village Dissolution & Why Villages Miss the Point

One of the best papers on NY Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act was produced by the Rockefeller Institute on Government by Dr. Lisa Parshall.

This look into the GRACE Laws, and in particular the Village Dissolution, shows how difficult the decision can become when Village Residents & Leaders forget the purpose of the legislation, which was to curb the growing issue of over-taxation in New York State, and instead focus on the "intangibles" of Village Incorporation and what reorganizing may do to this "municipality within a municipality". 

After all, elected Village Officials are a redundant layer of government within the Town it exists in, and serve to "manage" only a fraction of the town area, at a substantial cost to only a subset of that Town's residents. The GRACE law asks all NY Vaillage residents to consider why this "extra" layer is needed.

You can read the entire 16 page Report by Dr. Parshall by CLICKING HERE or the image below. we have taken the high points from her work to summarize here in a few pages.

The ECNA will be reaching out to Dr. Parshall, over the coming months, and ask if she could come to our area to speak, once again, on the topic of Village Reorganization & Dissolution, and how we ALL can benefit from it.

It's time to put the hype & fear away, and let the tax saving benefits of the GRACE work where it's needed most, in the many Villages along the Erie Canal that never grew up enough to become Cities after 200 years.

It's time to put an end to Village Leadership that continues to penalize village residents to this day with unfair, and unnecessary tax burdens, maintaining a local government system that NY Lawmakers have said is no longer needed, and hurting the overall reputation of New York State.

NY State is the HIGHEST taxed state in the United States of America, Village Government & Taxes are contributing to that problem, it's time to stop it now.  


If you want to help...point your smartphone camera here and join the Fight to End Village Taxes



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