Old Films & Videos of the Erie Canal

Here's some great old videos showing life & history along New York's Erie Canal.

We spent a little time gathering up videos and old films from many archives and resources showing what life was like along canals. These are some of the best we could share.


This first video, the same we placed on our main page, shows the History of the first 200 years of the Erie Canal, and the role it played shaping New York State, and the rest of the United States.



Very early films by Thomas Edison showing what typical canal transportation was like at the turn of the 20th century in AMERICA



Here's another showing many Erie Canal Boats near NY City waiting for loads to take back up the Hudson River



And here's a nice Erie Canal video from the 1950s discussing the history and heritage of the Erie Canal



And perhaps one of the best is this piece from the viewpoint of the mule tender along the Erie Canal... circa 1840. This is from records and stories and the video is worth the look if you want to see great canal history.

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