Lessons Learned from Village of Macedon Dissolution

Seems the Village of Macedon may hold the key to Village Dissolution


The Village of Macedon has been run through the Erie Canal "wringer" trying to settle the issues of Village Consolidation and Dissolution. They have had many village votes, the residents have wrangled over the positives & negatives and finally it came down to the second part of the 2010 NYS Government Reduction & Citizen Empowerment Act to FINALLY bring the matter of Village dissolution to rest... the Citizen's Empowerment part

Macedon Village Residents had to vote in a new Mayor for the Village, one that was more receptive the idea of fair taxation for ALL residents of the Town of Macedon, after the old mayor kept fighting this much needed change.

Here's a local news story about Macedon during their Village discussions. Click the Image below.


Here's the story about how the Village of Macedon FINALLY was able to accomplish the Village Reduction.  By holding the Village Dissolution vote the same year they held the Village Mayor vote, the incumbent Mayor, a staunch supporter of keeping the Village (and her job) intact, lost to a relative new comer to Village politics. The new Mayor saw the value for the Village residents with dissolving the village, and the town agreed in the end.

Read the whole Macedon Village story HERE


There is a definite advantage to Villages that chose to dissolve or consolidate with their local Towns. It's seen immediately with lower taxes for Village residents and the Town residents helping out with the cost to maintain these smaller, tighter spaces in town. There is also a benefit seen in follow-up years with support for NYS Governor's office in the form of cold hard cash. Click the Picture below to read that story.



Any village in New York State can follow the 49 Page Village Dissolution Plan that Macedon used. Something this good should become the standard manual for all Village Consolidation.

Click the image below to download the Macedon Plan 


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  1. Mayor William Murray in recent statements:

    Murray says there’s already been a 73 percent reduction in village taxes over the last year. And he says services will stay the same — largely covered now by the town or the county.

    At the final village board meeting Friday money and the keys were transferred to the town.

    Village employees, including the mayor, were downsized. But after years of tension between the Village & Town, some residents say they’re glad to be united under one Town Leadership

    “I’m glad we’re all going to be one now,” said Rose Reeves of Macedon. “We’re going to be paying lower taxes, and it’s going to be good for the village and the town.”

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