Four Generations of Erie Canal Fisherman

Because this fisherman moved to the Rochester Area 70 years ago, three more generations of Canal Fisherman have tried their luck catching canal whoppers.



The boy in the yellow shirt, standing by his grandfather fishing canal ponds in Hulberton is now fishing the canal in Brockport with his two sons pictured below in the photo collage.


And the author of this post has a suggestion...

Take someone fishing this year on the Erie Canal.



Here's my Brother, he's part of that 2nd generation of Canal Fisherman who took up fishing for the same reason...annual fishing trips all over NY State with our dad. Now living in Florida that same old saying is true... Once a Canal Fisherman, Always a Canal Fisherman.



Here's his latest catch...and its a reminder that somewhere, someone is fishing in a canal, even if it's not the Erie. Fishing in March... so jealous, all we have is a half empty ditch.

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