Trees… Is it Global Warming – or Global Warning?

While everyone likes trees, it appears we have a huge problem with them, as they have been proven to be a major contributor to melting the permafrost.

If we lose our permafrost, that releases all the carbon stored underground, and there is so much it is many times greater than all the oil, coal and fuel in the world.

Apparently, the trees keep the ground warmer, which melts the permafrost. What works best is GRASS.

Many thousands of years ago, we had mammoths by the millions, and they were responsible for uprooting trees and maintaining the grass prairies, consequently keeping the permafrost cooler.

You can read all about the research and experiments here -

Make sure you watch the video too!

All this only goes to show that we need a more intelligent approach to trees.Saving a tree could be the wrong thing to do,  especially when they are a risk to our health and welfare.

In the right place they can be wonderful, in the wrong place, they can be a disaster.

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