Reimagine The Canals Community Input Report

It wasn't too long ago that the New York State Canal Corporation and parent, New York Power Authority (NYSCC & NYPA) 

brought together hundreds of Canal Enthusiast from across the state and asked them to sit together to consider what the 21st Century Erie Canal should look like.

Around the state the NYSCC setup gathering sites...

Reimagine the Canals – Brockport Sky Loop Design & Other Canal Improvement Plans

Here's some of the latest news on NY's Reimagine the Canals initiatives being developed to improve Erie Canal profitability and use.


All of these are part of a joint effort between the new owners of the canal, the New York Power Authority, along with the Governor of New York and the New York State Canal Corporation.



Old Films & Videos of the Erie Canal

Here's some great old videos showing life & history along New York's Erie Canal.

We spent a little time gathering up videos and old films from many archives and resources showing what life was like along canals. These are some of the best we could share.  

This first video, the same we placed on our main page,...


It took awhile but the BIGGEST concerns that the ECNA has had all along with this Unsafe Embankment work appears to be taking shape. Mandatory Flood Insurance, for some Erie Canal Neighbors, is a possibility.

If you have taken any time to look over this new Earthen Embankment Integrity Program (EEIP) draft Generic Environmental...