NY Government Reorganization & Citizen Empowerment Act Explained

Here's a slide show about Village Consolidation from the NYS Office of Local Government.

It is a nice overview of the NY Govt. Reorganization Act. Much of this is motivated by the "citizen empowerment" part of this new law, that gave Village Residents the power to ask for FAIR tax representation in their towns. We have taken only a handful of the most important slides to show.





In the end the thing that changes most, beside gettingĀ  a more efficient local government operation are simple:

Village Residents, for the first time, will be paying their fair share for their small amount of total Town area. And Towns' people will also be paying their fair share for the the entire township, not just the outside edges.


The amount of Local Government for NY State will be reduced, and it looks like this on the Town Record Scrolls

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