NY Division of Local Government Efficiency Speaks but Villages & Towns Don’t Listen.

When the NY Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment (GRACE) Act updated NY Government Laws in 2010, that should have sent a message loud and clear to all Towns & Villages Official across the state, that they should start considering some type of consolidation effort to help their tax paying residents & constituents.

The GRACE changes didn't have the affect that NY Legislators had hoped for...

So New York State created a website to answer any questions that a Town or Village Official might have about the intent of the GRACE laws, and also how to help apply it to their municipalities.

But from the trend of local government reorganizations since 2010, it seems these same local government leaders are simply avoiding what tools they have been offered, and seem to enjoy coming up with more reasons NOT to reorganize then to try and comply.

Now it comes down to Citizen Empowerment, and here's what your Village Leaders do NOT want their residents to know about.

There is a website created by NY State, to show how to run Local Government Efficiently. You can CLICK HERE to see that or the image below:



And there are pages of information available that will help take the mystery & fear out of the Village Dissolution Process that often gets hyped by Village Officials. You can see that page by CLICKING HERE or tapping the image below:



In fact there is an answer on this website for just about ANY concern that a Town or Village might have about the Government Reorganization & Efficiency Program. You can find answers on what happens to everything that might change from Police, to Fire, to local leadership and tax incentives by CLICKING HERE or the image below.



And in addition, there are case studies that anyone can read, to see how other local NY Governments tackled the issue of Reorganization. There are many examples that show the process can be done, successfully, if the Village & Town work together. CLICK HERE to see that webpage and take a look for yourself. Or you can click the image below.



Finally, for those of you living in a Township, thinking that the Village Dissolution means higher taxes for you, that is simply NOT the case all the time. In fact many Towns of have been through the Village Dissolution process have come out stronger, and have improved on their fiscal budget process with the help of Citizen Empowerment Tax Credit that becomes available to the Town after the Village is gone.

Read about that WEBSITE HERE or click the image below.




Many residents should be asking their VILLAGE & TOWN leaders if they have considered using this information and having the State of NY help them understand how to operate better and more efficiently. It only takes a Village Reorganization Study & Plan, and the State will pick up the tab to do it. They could order one tomorrow if they wanted.


What are Village leaders afraid of, what are they trying to hide?


Want to learn more? Point your camera at this QR Code and see what your Village Dissolution Leaders are doing



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