Government Reorganization Act – A NY Legislator View of Village Dissolution

This is what Kevin Cahill from NY Assembly District 103 thought when the 2010 Government Reorganization And Citizen Empowerment Act was created. It is by far one of the best explanations we have come across.




Not only did Assemblyman Cahill help with getting the GRACE Laws passed,  he also sponsored a Bill to insure that Towns would get compensated for "absorbing" the extra work a Village Dissolution may create. He made them part of two very important programs.

Click HERE to read that NYS Bill

You can click on either one of these below to learn more about EACH program and how it would benefit Town Residents who's Villages may have Dissolved through the GRACE work.

The Citizen Empowerment Tax Credit


The Local Government Citizens Re-organization Empowerment Grant Program.


Are there any other NY State Legislators that would like to add to this , please post your comments to help Villagers understand what is at stake, please.

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