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100% Renewable source electricity law for New York.

Spotted today on

The referenced Article 75—the Climate Change article of ECL that was added by the same enactment—includes Section 75-0107, “Statewide greenhouse gas limits.” It calls for these emissions in 2030 to be 60% of 1990 levels, and in 2050, 15% of 1990 levels. The law’s preamble has an aspirational goal of a...

NYPA Canal Ownership: The Pro’s & Cons

The NYPA and the Canal pro's and cons.

I’ve made this amateur video to help explain the pro’s and cons of the projects the NYPA has undertaken to make the canal safer.

Reimagine a Better NY State Canal


Take a look at this idea... getting people down to the water's edge of the NYS Canal

There's some exciting things floating your way on the new Erie Canal and we hope to keep you abreast of it all.

RE-IMAGINE the CANAL is a bold project envisioned...