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Have You Heard the Hammering? Emergency Dam Repairs

Have You Heard the Hammering?

Work progresses on the dam!  I’m delighted to report that something is at last being done to ensure the most dangerous part of this embankment is made safe.

What has worried me for many...

Anatomy of an Erie Canal Embankment Leak

Anatomy of an Erie Canal Embankment Leak.

A history of Before & After of a retention pond.. It started as NOT a Canal Leak in late 1990s according to NYS Thruway/NYCC but as is NOW classified as a leak...

An afternoon walk along the Erie Canal in Brockport

I decided to take a drive out to Brockport for a walk

I’d heard the Vegetation Project had been halted there due to inclement weather. Today was a pleasant day with plenty of sunshine, so a great time to take a few photos perhaps. Trying to find where the last clearing had been done was fairly easy,...

Keeping The Canal Safe For Generations To Come

A letter to The Democrat and Chronicle from Brian Stratton, Director of the New York State Canal Corporation.

Click here to read the letter He spells out the reasons why vegetation removal is a top priority for the Authority. “We intend to follow the best practices set forth by these agencies and dam experts. At the same...