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NY Canal Corporation states it’s case for safer canal embankments

As the Spring of 2020 is unfolding, with many challenges to New York residents, it's also the expected time for a restart of the NY Canal Corporation Embankment Integrity Program.


This canal earthen embankment clearing exercise actually started out as a "project" in 2017. It was initially requested in 2014, by the NYS Comptroller, after a...

The most dangerous Erie Canal Dams are hiding in plain sight

With the NY Canal Corporation's Earthen Embankment Integrity Program entering it's third year it's become apparent to many canal neighbors that the work making these embankment safer is still continuing.

There is an Embankment Dam Clearing Guidebook under development by New York Power Authority (NYPA) & New York Canal Corporation (NYCC), that will spell out...

An afternoon walk along the Erie Canal in Brockport

I decided to take a drive out to Brockport for a walk

I’d heard the Vegetation Project had been halted there due to inclement weather. Today was a pleasant day with plenty of sunshine, so a great time to take a few photos perhaps. Trying to find where the last clearing had been done was fairly easy,...