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The most dangerous Erie Canal Dams are hiding in plain sight

With the NY Canal Corporation's Earthen Embankment Integrity Program entering it's third year it's become apparent to many canal neighbors that the work making these embankment safer is still continuing.

There is an Embankment Dam Clearing Guidebook under development by New York Power Authority (NYPA) & New York Canal Corporation (NYCC), that will spell out...

Embankment Dam Piping & Seepage – Viewpoint of an Expert

[highlight]¬†Earthen Dams all Leak... that is a well established fact.[/highlight]   The number one issue with earthen dams has always been keeping water inside them. Because of the materials used in earthen embankment design & construction, mainly natural earthen materials of various types, these type embankment dams become prone to over-saturation at some point... and then they...

Canal Corporation Embankment Restoration Plans Explained

There are TWO canal embankments efforts going on right now, divided by where one stopped and the other is about to start.

The first Embankment repair effort is the Earthen Embankment Restoration Project (EERP) and it ran from west of Lockport to east of Brockport. That is about 27 miles along the 125 miles of unsafe...