Mudskipper Motors

We have learned so much from our Erie Canal adventures. Living on the Canal is always fun. One of our project required sourcing an outboard engine, that engine turned into a phenomenal business opportunity for my family. turned into being the major supplier of outboard engines for duck hunters and fishermen for all of North America.

The product range has been expanded, and now encompasses several variations of engines. The TWISTER, with it's shorter curved shaft has proven to be extremely popular.

The latest development is a revolutionary Surface Drive Engine, which sports a clutch, electric engine tilt and many other features.

We attribute this success to actually living on The Erie Canal at The Oxbow in Fairport, and running our business alongside the canal in Lyons.

Without the wonderful location and view from our canal-side home, and our great neighbors kids, this business would never have even been thought of.

The Erie Canal Corridor is a fantastic place to spawn ideas, and for mud-skipper it's been the best location to test our products.

Watch this space for our latest project, floating docks!

A RIBBS Floating Dock

Re-imagine the Erie Canal - everyone should do it.

Mike Caswell

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