The Embankment Dam Phreatic Line – Where the water goes.

Earthen Embankment Dams are made to hold back water.. but only to a point.

It's a well known fact that ALL earthen dams leak to some extent. There is a well defined line of saturated earth that runs from inside the dam at the edge of the water to the outside of the dam, at the...

A Chinese Boat project on the NY Erie Canal

After a 'bucket list' vacation to China, where my wife and I enjoyed a 'river raft' excursion down the Li river near Guilin, I decided to build a raft to use on the Erie Canal. Here is a video using local slave labor (neighbor's children) located at The Oxbow in Fairport. [embed][/embed] It was a huge success, and...

Trees… Is it Global Warming – or Global Warning?

While everyone likes trees, it appears we have a huge problem with them, as they have been proven to be a major contributor to melting the permafrost.

If we lose our permafrost, that releases all the carbon stored underground, and there is so much it is many times greater than all the oil, coal and fuel...