Guidelines for Vegetation on Embankment Dams

The US Army Corps of Engineers have a published article regarding the vegetation management of Embankment Dams etc.

For brevity’s sake, I have extracted relevant passages. ETL1110-2-583 Examination of this document should give the reader an insight as to why the Canal Authority is carrying out the long overdue work to restore the embankments to the conditions laid...

New York DEC explains problems with Trees and Brush near Dams

Trees and brush may be aesthetically pleasing and provide other benefits; however, the growth of woody vegetation on and near dams, including the downstream toe area, can lead to serious problems.

Sudden uprooting of trees by strong winds can result in the movement of a relatively large amount of embankment material and create large voids in...

Hazard Creep on Embankment Dams Explained

Here is a great explanation of how urban development outstrips the original design intent of many embankment dams in the USA

This could easily be what happens at The Oxbow in Fairport, Bushnell’s Basin Dam in Brighton or the tallest Canal Dam in Albion/Hulberton area.


A Comparison with The Netherlands

It was pointed out a while ago that The Netherlands had many more canals and dams than we have on The Erie Canal, and consequently, they have more experience. So, lets look at the facts here.

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