1880 Old Style Home with 377′ Frontage along the Erie Canal

For Sale - Erie Canal Waterfront Village Home on 1.7 acres 


These older Erie Canal properties are listed very rarely, especially one with this many amenities. This is a very large Brockport Village property, and has been maintained like a park, and has not been offered in over 25 years. Property & Grounds have been improved over this time. 



 The Property Entrance is a marked Private Drive, home has video Surveillance on the entire property.



Well landscaped with older trees make this property a gem in the Fall time. Here's our favorite picture of the property taken last year.


Main Entrance was originally in the front of the house along the Erie Canal, it has been changed over the years as the house changed addresses

This 1880 original Erie Canal home was built after the last Erie Canal renovation, about 45 years before the New York State Barge Canal was completed in 1926. It's situated on 1.7 park-like acres and also has a 3 season pond that fills from October to May every year, freezing in the winter.

The property is at the end of a one-lane Dead End Road withing the Brockport Village limits, with a walking path to the best restaurants in Brockport. As the image shows it's quite a well planted older property.


It has very nice views of the Erie Canal from both second story windows



There is a 4000+ sq ft Pond that fills every autumn & winter for Ice Skating. Pond is about 150' long, 30 feet wide and has a 50' round end.



There are several outbuildings on the property, including a newer Storage Shed, a Potting Shed, an 1900 Carriage House, a Chicken Coop and a Log style Skating Hut. There are also two woodsheds that hold a full winter supply of wood for the Vermont Castings wood stove to take the chill out



The property also has several porches and patios with stamped concrete, offering over 600 square feet of Outdoor Living Space. There's even a nice covered arbor seat that turns purple with Wisteria blossoms every Spring.



Screened Entrance Porch on top, Canal side Concrete Porch shown as well


Rear entrance porch shown here with arbor and hanging gardens. Grounds show well and house has been freshly mulched (black) accenting existing landscaping.


More pictures will be made available soon, and several videos showing the park-like setting this property is nestled on. Here's a few until then.

With over 377' of frontage along the NYS Canalway & Empire Trail System, this is a perfect perfect home for the outdoor enthusiast.



Here's a panoramic picture of house & canal



Leave you with a picture of the Willowberry Tree



Almost forgot, this property has been here for 140 years. It's become a haven for wildlife over the years and in the past 25 we have seen just about everything you can think of wander through. We have Mallards, White-Tailed Deer, Rabbits, Fox, Squirrels..and more songbirds than we can name.




Indoor pictures are done... thanks to my wife for helping to stage these.


Living Room - 15' x 13'



Kitchen - 16' x 14'


Dining Room - 15' x 14'



Master Bedroom - 15' x 13'


Additional Bedrooms (see image)


Bath & Laundry (60 sq ft each)


Pantry & Utility Room (12' x 14' total)


Front Entry Porch (15' x 8')



Here's some images requested of the basement and Heating / Hot Water/ Electrical Systems.

As you can see the basement is a stone foundation, and in many spots is over 2' wide. The entire house sits on a rock base of Medina Stone.

The heating system, and also Hot Water is a Buderus Triple Wall Boiler from 1988, and has been serviced annually for the past 25 years by the current owners. Click the link below for information on the Heating Specialist.

This is a German branded system, and has kept us warm and cozy each winter. The Riello Oil-fired burner is running at 92% efficiency and is a 1990's addition. This burner is tuned and new jets are added each year, maintenance cost is ~ $110-120.

A Taco water pump moves all the water in the system and air eliminators have been added to no need to bleed or burp radiators each year. There is also a spare pump ready to install if needed, this one has been working well for quite some time.






This system also is used to run the NEW Triangle Tube Smart 30 Indirect Fired Hot Water Heater. This is a 2019 addition (replaced the original Buderus tank) this is a very high-efficient water storage system and heats a 28 gallon tank of water using state of the art technology. The web page below can tell you more.




The Oil tank is located inside another section of the basement, close to the driveway for re-filling convenience. It's a 270 gallon tank with filter system. We use about 2 tanks per year, and sometimes less when we use the Vermont Castings woodstove for the coldest winter days. Based on the price of fuel oil that can range from $900 - $1900 annually for heat & hot water.



The Electrical Panel has been updated, and services the house well. There is also an additional 100 Amp service that was recently placed in the Tool Shed outbuilding approximately 100' from the main home. The services a Carriage House garage, tool shed/workshop, and potting shed. 



If there are any other areas that you may want to see, or have questions on, please feel free to comment on this post, leaving your contact information, and we will try to get those images posted or questions answered.


Have you seen enough? If you are interested in more information use the form below and we will get back to you with the answers.




Thanks for looking at this home, here's more on this property that is available online or part of the process in NY to sell a home.



NYS Property Disclosure Statement for 54 Quarry St




Here are additional facts about the property. Webpage links may be available by clicking on an image below








Zillow has a map showing comparable properties in the area as well as recently sold homes. Note there are very few properties offered along the Erie Canal in a Village setting with this much land and this much waterfront. Dockage along the Canal is available through the NYS Canal Corporation with an annual permit fee.





The Canal System comprises over 500 miles of waterways connecting both Great Lakes and Finger Lakes across New York State.


BOATING on the Erie Canal


The Canal also offers over 700 miles of connected bike trails that all use the main Empire Trail as a connecting link. Here's some information on that, it's one of the most used trail systems in the US.

Canal Trail Times

BIKING on the Erie Canal



It has a rich history, made by the people who lived near it and made it come alive. Here's a nice video with a little history from the Erie Canal National Heritage Foundation.



It is part of the National Park Service




TERMS OF SALE for this Property

The property will be sold to the HIGHEST BID OFFERED at the end of the designated time period for the auction of this property. 

End date for bidding on the property auction is expected to be on or before DATE TBD.

Seller has the right to end the auction at any time for any reason, and will notify all high bidders of that intent before closing the bids.

When a high bid offer is placed, the perspective new owners will be required to show Proof of Funding within 30 days or before the auction end date, which ever is less.

When a high bid offer is accepted, and the auction end date has been reached, the perspective new owners will be required to complete a Property Sales Contract and include a proposed Property Sale Closing Date and Signature stating they have read the Property Disclosure Statement provided with this home

On acceptance of highest offer/bid the potential buyers will have 48 hours to accept or cancel their bid or have their lawyer  accept or decline on their behalf.

A "earnest money" security deposit of $1000 will be needed within 48 hours of placing the highest offer or the offer will be cancelled. All Deposit checks will be held until a: 1) higher bid is offered, 2) the property becomes unavailable to sell, or 3) the bidder is awarded the home sale, at which time the money will be applied to the down payment for closing.

Security Deposit Check of high bidder will be placed on deposit with Seller's Bank, pending Mortgage/Finance approval which must be completed within 30 days of bid acceptance. Buyers will make good faith efforts to secure funding and keep sellers abreast of progress.

Returned Security Deposit may be subject to a 50% loss in the event that buyers are unable to secure funding for "lack of effort" or if they have provided false information to sellers or lending institutions.

All terms are subject to approval by Buyers & Sellers Attorney or Representative

Non-contingent offers will receive priority.

More details to follow..


How to Place a Bid on this property:

If interested in this property please use the Comment Box provided on this Post to leave your contact information. Include a phone number with your comment. Email or text information should also be provided and the preferred method of contact.

The owner will reply within a few days of all offers & questions.



Start of the Sale/Bid Acceptance:

August 1, 2020


End of the Sale/Bid Acceptance:

December 1, 2020


UPDATE: July 6, 2020:

Current Opening Bid is $234,000

We do have a selling bid that will end the Auction INSTANTLY and the house will be SOLD to that buyer at that price. If interested let us know and we can discuss it more.


Check our the new listing on Zillow, click the image below to go to that webpage.



Here's a description from Zillow's listing of what we like about this property.. in it's complete form as Zillow limits descriptions.


What we like about 54 Quarry Street Brockport


Finally, Look at this amazing sunset... a regular view on the Erie Canal

Ask questions please and if you are the final bidder then sunsets like these on the Erie Canal can be yours soon, and to enjoy for as long as you stay.

Take Care, thanks for looking

Doug & Sandy Kucmerowski





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